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This participatory workshop is for groups who want to discuss how to create more trans-affirming spaces. Whether at work, school, worship or with friends & family, we have all been conditioned by society to view and treat gender in ways that don't serve us well. Learn common terms, review legal protections & brainstorm how to interrupt transphobia.


What does it mean to be anti-racist? What is our responsibility to actively challenge oppression in our work and lives? What does allyship look like interpersonally, in community & in institutions?

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We were honored to have Jes present on Anti-Oppression during our recent 40 hour domestic violence training. They brought an engaging and warm energy to the topic. Jes created space for participants to discuss the uncomfortable realities of power and privilege and to make mistakes without judgement. Many participants noted at the end of the training that Jes was their most favorite of all the presenters. They noted the following reasons:  

  • “Jes validated our contributions while challenging the limits of our knowledge.”
  • “The energy that Jes brought to the room was inspiring.”
  • ”The anti-oppression piece of this work is crucial and Jes did a great job presenting it in an accessible way.”
  • “Jes had great energy and the presentation was really engaging.”
  • “Jes taught us so much and was sensitive to the fact that we may not have understood the proper language and helped us to learn it.”
  • “I loved listening to Jes, and felt like the time flew.”
  • “Jes had an accessible, informative, and patient approach.”

I would recommend any workshop or training where Jes is facilitating. Their approach, knowledge, openness, and honesty will enhance your understanding of your communities and the role you can play in making positive change.

Susan Pieters, MA, ICDVP
Healthcare Education Coordinator
Between Friends

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