Trans & GNC Chicagoland Resources

Body work
Tools & Tips

Body work (acupuncturists, massage therapists, etc)

  • Bluebird Wellness - created by two folks who were part of the Sage Health Collective. Sliding scale for acupuncture. Offers massages, cupping & herbal remedies. Provide post top surgery healing acupuncture treatment.



  • Chicago Lawyer's Committee for Civil Rights - If you live in Chicago and think you're being discriminated against as a renter, you can contact CLC for free. The more info you have (date/time of interaction with landlord, quotes, etc), the more helpful for them to pursue patterns of discrimination. You can also reach out to John Marshall Law School for assistance and/or resources about fair housing.

  • Metropolitan Tenants Organization - If you're having difficulty with your landlord and you live in Chicago, you can contact MTO Volunteer Tenants Rights Hotline: 773-292-4988 - hotline is open Monday-Friday, 1:00-5:00pm. Walk-In’s Mon-Thurs, 10:00-4:30pm (1727 S Indiana). To request an appointment for one-on-one help, email:

  • Open Communities - If you're in the northern suburbs and experiencing either discrimination or landlord difficulties for free.

  • Attorney Neda Nozari is my favorite choice. She provides free consultation for any of this stuff, plus more. I highly recommend her and I vouch for her whole-heatedly.


  • Mutual Ground, Inc in Aurora, IL - domestic violence shelter + individual counseling and group counseling

Openly trans-identified therapists

Organizations with trans-affirming therapists

  • Howard Brown, namely Kira Weidner, Kelly Ducheny, and Ben Walker

    • Disclaimer: I’ve personally been misgendered several times by receptionists at Howard Brown.

  • LifeWorks, especially Betsy Duke and Cindy Trawinski

  • Live Oak, Kelly George and Jordan Dunmead especially

  • Practical Audacity (sexuality, relationships, nonmonogamy)

  • Urban Balance

Therapists who are likely TGNC-affirming

Trainings: Trans 101 and/or anti-oppression training (for schools, groups, organizations, employers, etc.)

To add to this list, give feedback, or comment about any of the above resources, especially personal experience with therapists, submit thru the contact page.