Trans & Gender Non-Conforming Chicagoland Resources

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Housing Resources
If you live in Chicago and think you're being discriminated against as a renter, you can contact the Chicago Lawyer's Committee for Civil Rights for free. The more info you have (date/time of interaction with landlord, quotes, etc), the more helpful for them to pursue patterns of discrimination. You can also reach out to John Marshall Law School for assistance and/or resources about fair housing.

If you're having difficulty with your landlord and you live in Chicago, you can contact Metropolitan Tenants Organization. Volunteer Tenants Rights Hotline: 773-292-4988 - hotline is open Monday-Friday, 1:00-5:00pm. Walk-In’s Mon-Thurs, 10:00-4:30pm (1727 S Indiana). To request an appointment for one-on-one help, email:

If you're in the northern suburbs of Chicago and experiencing either discrimination or landlord difficulties, contact Open Communities for free services.

You can also contact Attorney Neda Nozari for a free consultation for any of this stuff, plus more.


Body work (acupuncturists, massage therapists, etc)

  • coming soon!

Therapists who are likely TGNC-friendly

[I]CQE therapist vouches

  • Amy Roe - private practice
  • Anna Zarovsky
  • Dr. Colin Ennis
  • Howard Brown, namely Kira Weidner, Kelly Ducheny, and Ben Walker
  • Ing Swenson, LCSW (see Rad Remedy list)
  • Intraspectrum
  • Jason Best vouched multiple times (kink, nonmonogamy, chronic illness, relationships, behavior changes)
  • Jordan Dunmead via past group member, also does groups (survivors of sexual violence and nonmonogamy) 
  • Jim Cosenza via past group member (substance abuse / harm reduction, nonmonogamy, kink)
  • Kimber Brightheart is an LCSW who offers computer based therapy sessions
  • Kira Weidner (TGNC youth, trauma, relationships)
  • Laura Grimes River Rock Therapy (vouched for multiple times)
  • LifeWorks overall, Betsy Duke and Cindy Trawinski especially
  • Live Oak (see Rad Remedy list below) vouched for several times
  • Rena McDaniel at Practical Audacity (sexuality and relationships, including nonmonogamy)
  • Tina Gupta at Northwestern Family Institute (sliding scale, ICQE vouch)
  • Urban Balance

Trans-identified therapists

These therapists have 5/5 ratings on RAD Remedy

Want a trans 101 or anti-opression training for your school, group, organization, employer, etc.?
Check out Praxis Group!

Other resources

  • Mutual Ground, Inc in Aurora, IL domestic violence shelter + individual counseling and group counseling

To add to this list or comment above any of the above resources, especially personal experience with therapists, e-mail or submit thru the contact page.