The Chicago Therapy Collective mobilizes to create safe, just, and inclusive Chicago neighborhoods for T/GNC individuals and community members.


The CTC is launching a network of providers who pledge to support our initiatives working to improve the lives of T/GNC individuals in Chicago. Pledging providers contribute $200 annually, $100 for Community Initiatives and $100 for CTC Initiatives.

Community Initiatives are Brave Space Alliance, Project Fierce, YEPP, and Transformative Justice Law Project.

CTC Initiatives are Workplace Advocacy, Trans 101 + 102, Education Community Engagement, and Therapist Action.

What are the perks of signing up for the provider pledge?
1) Well, supporting all of that ^
2) Job opportunitiess with our CTC initiatives
3) Inclusion on our SEO optimized T/GNC pledging provider list
4) Access to our resources & events

E-mail to make the pledge!


In the summer in 2018, CTC secured space with Andersonville Galleria and is seeking both T/GNC art submissions (see below) and a curator. Click here for Curator Job Description. CTC has gallery space from August 2018 through January 2019.

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Shade of pink background with text in white that says TRANS + GNC in the background. Overlaid in gray it says trans/gnc artist August showcase @ the andersonville galleria. CALL FOR ARTISTS. SUBMIT YOUR WORK. Email your bio, artist statement, portfolio to

Curator applications & artist submissions due dates are both extended until Monday, July 23.