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Social Justice Summit

  • Corboy Law Center 25 East Pearson Street Chicago, IL, 60611 United States (map)

Loyola’s School of Social Work Student Organization (SSWSO) is hosting The Social Justice Summit, a one-day event aimed at building a community that will work towards reclaiming power by dismantling systems of oppression through collaborative action. 

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This event will commence with a keynote presentation by Jesus "Chuy" Garcia, followed by an interdisciplinary exchange of knowledge about social issues and methods of addressing these through breakout sessions, networking opportunities, and expert panelists.  Registration includes summit materials, lunch, and an opportunity to build community with passionate social justice leaders in the Chicagoland area. 

You do not have to be a Loyola student to attend. All community members interested in social justice are welcome!

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See the full list of break-out sessions below.


Disparities in Diagnosis and Intervention For Black Children with Autism 
A discussion on the disparity of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) diagnosis among the African-American community and best practice methods.

The Traumatic Impact of Justice-Seeking: Understanding & Healing Wounds
Exploring the impact of trauma in various forms as it impacts justice-seekers and activities including intergenerational trauma and compassion fatigue.

Embodying Person-Centered Care as a Form of Social Justice
A discussion on the benefits and barriers to incorporating person-centered methods of care in your life and work while combating systems of oppression in daily work.

Democracy in Action: The Vitality of Community Organizing
A focus on the current call for community action, collaboration, and organizing as it relates to combating various systems of oppression.

Allyship 101: How to Support Survivors of Sexual Violence
A course on the effects of sexual violence on survivors, exploring allyship as a practice, and creating personal allyship plans with which to continue learning.

Prepare & Protect Immigrant Communities from Mass Deportation
A lecture on presenting know-your-rights, connecting vulnerable communities to prepare and plan for ICE raids, and learn to advocate for Sanctuary or "ICE Free Zone."

The Good Society: Democratic Socialism
An analysis of how modern capitalism is structured and how it stunts human potential, and looking at an alternative society with a foundation of democratic socialism as a means towards equality.

Deconstructing the Construction of "Real Victims"
A discussion on the idea of the "deserving" victim and how this has served as roadblocks for victims and survivors of trafficking.

Thinking Systemically: Background to Racism in Chicago
Members of SURJ Chicago will discuss showing up for movements led by People of Color and investigating systemic racism.

Movements Need Independent Media To Blossom
This session will explore ways in which major media corporations have largely failed the American people and attacks on journalism by the current administration. 


A Neurodevelopmental Perspective on Defiant Behavior in Young People
A presentation on understanding defiant behaviors in children as a manifestation of a traumatic history and relational poverty.

Advocating for the LGBTQ Community within a Challenging Political Climate
A panelist discussion on challenges and opportunities to promote social justice within LGBTQ populations.

Theatre of the Oppressed as an Interactive Tool for Social Change
Participants will learn about fighting oppression in interactive theatrical movements.

Collaborative Responses to Addressing Human Trafficking
A presentation from a collaborative task force on addressing human trafficking.

Mental Health Service Access as Reparative Process Addressing Structural Oppression
Understanding mental health in predominately Black and Latino communities.

Let's Talk About Race
A discussion on understanding the intersections between racism, power, privilege and oppression.

Interprofessional Advocacy and Coalition Building for Social Change
Building on collaborative action to seek social justice.

Recommendations for Chicago Police: A Dialogue
Exploring community-driven possibilities for oversight and alternatives to policing.

Evolving Food Landscapes: Food Deserts Revisited
Employees from Top Box Foods discuss food deserts and collaborate with participants to imagine innovative solutions.

Nonviolence in Action
Agents from 8th Day Center for Justice explore the impact of nonviolent activism.


Community Mental Health as Social Justice Advocating for Immigrant Clients
Participants will become familiar with how community mental health centers embody social justice in action and can support and advocate for immigrant clients.

Recognizing Effects of Racism: Being Supportive in the Field & Academia
This breakout will focus on how students of color at post-secondary schools perceive supports available to them and how to better serve clients who have faced race-based disparities.

Rise & Resist
This session will illustrate the need for each of us to run for local office and complement protest with active political participation. Participants will learn why running for local office is important and basics of running a campaign.

Radical Joy
Participants will experience “being in play,” gain an understanding of how classes using play operate at Cook County Jail and learn how play can be a tool for self-care.

Restorative Justice
Participants will learn the basics of Restorative Justice practices and Peace Circles and how they're being used as an alternative to the traditional justice system in various settings throughout Chicago and the country.

A Million Dollar Chance
In light of Chance the Rapper's recent donation to CPS, this breakout session will address how to advocate for marginalized communities' educational rights.

A Case-Based Learning Approach to Advocacy Work & Skill Development Professionals
Participants in this session will be exposed to the relevance of advocacy for clinical professionals and the need for them to be in direct contact with policy makers.

Captured: What is Labor Trafficking?
A presentation focused on human trafficking in Chicago, conditions that lead to labor trafficking, relation between demand of cheap labor and exploitation.

What's Your Piece of the Social Justice Pie?
Utilizing perspectives from The Br. David Darst Center, this workshop will explore how facets of identity influence interactions with others and how power and oppression influences social change.

Maintaining Cultural Competency While Addressing Intimate Partner and/or Sexual Violence
Participants will learn about the effect of trauma, a survivors’ legal rights, social stigma and how to maintain a cultural competent response to trauma and abuse.